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The Handovers report lists Job with the Handover Date that fall within the selected period or the ones that are considered due for handover. Jobs are considered as due for handover when they have a Completed Date but no Handover Date.

  1. Open the library with reports.
  2. Select Handovers.
  3. Define criteria for generating the report, as follows:

Select Jobs with Completed Date but no Handover Date Select the sorting option for showing the Change Order quotations by Date Created or Job Number.
Exclude Finalized Jobs Check the box to exclude Finalized Jobs from the report.
Select Jobs with Handover Date From … To … Select the time period for including Jobs which Handover Date falls within this period.

4. When complete, click Apply. The system generates the report, as follows:

The report shows the following information about each Job:

Report Information
JobJob number including the Office’s number as prefix.
ClientClient who the Job attributes to. This includes the following:


  • Client name
  • Site
  • Address
  • Contact phone numbers
Final DrawDate when the final Draw was made.
CompletedDate when the Job was completed.
HandoverDate when the Job was handed over to the Client.
Updated on November 5, 2021

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