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Job Color Selection Report

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The Job Color Selection report generates the Job Color Selection and includes all the Change Orders that were added to the Job.

  1. Open the library with reports.
  2. Select Job Color Selection.
  3. Define criteria for generating the report, as follows:
  • Job Select the Job for generating the report.
    Print what Select the corresponding option if you want to include or exclude hidden lines in the generated report:


    • Exclude hidden lines
    • Include hidden lines

4. When complete, click Apply. The system generates the report, as follows:

The report falls into two parts, as follows:

  • header
  • table with Items

The report shows the following information about the Job:

Report Information
ClientName and address of the Customer.
JobJob number including the Office’s number as prefix.
SiteSite which the Job was created for.
PlanDescription of the Job Estimate.
SupervisorSupervisor of the Job.
Color ConsultantColor Consultant who prepared the Job Color Selection.

The report header shows the following information about the Job:

Report Header Information
Heading / Sub-HeadingHeading (shown in bold) and Subheading of the Job Color Selection.
ItemItem from the Job Color Selection.
Color / Model / StyleColor / Model / Style of the Item from the Job Color Selection.
Updated on November 5, 2021

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