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Profit on Finalized Jobs (YTD) Report

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The Profit on Finalized Jobs (YTD) report shows the profit on Finalized Jobs as of the selected month for a specific Franchisee Office.

  1. Open the library with reports.
  2. Select Profit on Finalized Jobs (YTD).
  3. Define the criteria for generating the report, as follows:

For the Month of Select the month as of which the report will be generated. The system will generate the report starting from the beginning of the year and up to the selected month.
Include Not Proceeding Jobs Check the box to include the Jobs in the Not Proceeding state.

3. When complete, click Apply. The report is generated, as follows:

The report shows the following information:

Report Information
MonthThe reporting month.
TurnoverTurnover for the selected month.
NoNumber of finalized Jobs per month.
Gross ProfitGross profit per month.
GP%Gross profit percentage.
OverheadsOverheads amount per month.
O/H%Overheads percentage. It is calculated as a ratio of the Overheads to Turnover.
Net ProfitNet profit per month.
NP%Net profit percentage. It is calculated as a ratio of the Net Profit to Turnover.
Updated on August 16, 2022

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