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Release Notes

This page is being moved to https://help.gjgardner.com/updates/release-notes/

This article summarizes the G.J. Software Changelog.

Keep up to date on all Major and Minor releases to the G.J. Software and related business apps. Releases are ordered reverse chronologically and grouped by year.

2023 Updates

June 2023

Disabled automatic creation of calendar invitations for maintenance and schedule tasks

Improved Save process for Graphic Take-Off

Add “Secondary Dwelling” as a Customer Type option

Removed filters from Clone Quote and Clone Data for Quote dialog

ToDo message reminder times changed to 8:00 AM

[US Only] $SiteAddress placeholder format updated in all letter templates

Refining Work-In-Progress Totals for Better Accuracy

New checkbox to filter DPP jobs in pre-construction schedules

Process to restore Google Drive folders for Offices

Improved Duplicate Detection Algorithm for Web Leads

Manage Email Templates tab now only shows templates created in current and parent views

Slab Dates no longer set if Contract Amount (incl GST) is less than $25,000.00

Multi-unit count functionality for sales/slabs

Various bug fixes
May 2023
Add new Nurture Priority to sales folders and the Leads Board.

Standardize checkbox and toggle filters on all screens throughout the application.

Save filter presets to the browser cache.

Add “My Jobs” toggle to the Jobs and Schedules screens.

Add Validate icon to contacts to restore or recreate deleted folders in Google Drive.

Add Validate icon to offices for Franchisor and Master users to restore default sharing permissions for office folders in Google Drive.

Slab Date now uses the Initial Claim/Draw Date; No changes made to reporting dates. 

Various bug fixes
April 2023
Increased the height of the Description field in the Activities window. 

New website leads are now displayed at the top of the Leads Board by default.

To Do messages for activities now show the contact’s name instead of the user’s name.

Meeting activity assignees will be able to confirm their RSVP to the event. 

When a guest is removed from a meeting activity an email cancellation is sent to both the guest and the assignee.

New guests added to an existing meeting activity now receive an email invitation to the event.

When a new meeting activity is created but it is marked as done, no email invitation will be sent.

Acres and hectares are now available as units of measure for land area in House & Land Packages.

House & Land Packages are now reassigned when a user is made inactive.

Now you can upload plans and leave GTO without having to set scales first. When you upload a plan to a view and cancel to leave GTO the plan will still be there when you return to GTO.

To Do tasks for schedules are now reassigned when a new person is assigned the role in Job Details.

Sync user data from G.J. Software to Google Directory

User files are transferred to the Franchise Owner when the user’s status is changed to Transferred.

Unused office roles under Setup > Manager can now be deleted.

Jobs will not be automatically finalized if any claims are outstanding.

Migrate to the new Google Identity Services library.

Various bug fixes
March 2023
Scheduling Improvements
Now you can print job schedules for all Supervisors at once.

Updates to construction schedule worksheets are printed schedule report worksheet.

Sales Improvements
House & Land Packages prices are now updated on the website when the price book is repriced.

The Follow-Up date on sales folders now displays the date of the earliest incomplete activity.

Improved navigation of Offices and Master Offices

Various bug fixes
February 2023
Changes & New Features
Items is now the default tab when navigating to Setup > Estimating

Add Validate icon to jobs list for Corporate and Master users and procedure to restore job docs folders

Activity End Date/Times now update when the Start Date/Time is changed

Increase the character limit for Activity Notes from 64 to 1,000

The activity Notes field now scrolls vertically

Add a description below the Activity Description field

Bug Fixes
Show Overdue toggle on the leads list now shows now excludes Deleted activities

UI improvement to better align buttons in the Communications tab

Fixed issues with outstanding draws for migrated jobs that have been finalized

Fixed an issue preventing ToPs from being edited for cloned House & Land Packages

Fixed an issue where the prompt to schedule the next follow-up activity was not triggered from the Leads Board

Fixed issue preventing users from viewing the Activities in Pipeline and Client Acitivites reports

Fixed complications with the Sales Management report

Fixed an issue preventing some web leads to be opened

Fixed an issue with inconsistent results in item formula calculations (thanks Nathan)

Restored folder sync between Google Drive and some web leads

Restored missing text for email and SMS communications

Fixed inconsistencies between system time and server time in Activities

Fixed the Sandbox

Fixed information box overlay on House & Land facades

Fixed alignment issue of quick action icons on all list views

Fixed issue preventing office from being cloned

Fixed issue preventing Activity Start Date from beign scheduled before system date

Restored deleted system letter templates folders for an office
January 2023
Sales and CRM

Changed label from “Meetings” to “Activities” in Sales Folders

Added new fields to the Activity window: Start/End time, Activity Type, Subject, Add guests, Description, Assignee, Mark as done

Changed label in create/edit Activity window from “Message” to “Notes”

Made Location optional in Activity window

Users are now prompted user to schedule new Activity when Mark is done is selected

Created new Google Calendar event for Activities that sends all fields except Notes for the Assignee

Added link to the Sales Folder in the Google Calendar Description

Added new columns to Activities table: Subject, Activity Type, Done status, Description, Assigned to

Overdue activities are now highlighted in red in the table view 

Added quick action button to the Activities table to mark an activity as done/undone

Removed ability to delete an activity once it is Done

Mark historic sales Activities as Done unless they are scheduled in the future or the most recent activity scheduled on or before today

Updated To-Do Messages with information from Activities and assign them to the Activity Assignee

Integrated ToDo Messages with Sales/Job/Contact Activities

Integrated Sales Activities with the Follow up date on the Leads Board

Now when you change the Follow up date on the Leads Board the create/edit Activity window opens

Added ‘Next Activity’ column to list in Sales > Leads

Activities are now visible in the Communications section of the Sales Folder

Changed labels and display activity type in the “Client Meetings” and “Meetings in Pipeline” reports to “Client Activities” and “Activities in Pipeline”

Create Activity button is now available for contacts, jobs, and sales folders Window for 
Activities added to the Communications tab are now visible from the Contact, Job, and Sales Folder Communications tab

Renamed the labels on the Communications tab from “Add Meeting” to “Add Activity” and “Show Meetings” to “Show Activities”

Standardized columns in the Communications tabs for Sales Folders, Contacts, and Jobs

Changed all dashboards and reports that count leads based on Sales Folder Meetings to Sales Folder added date

Increased the character account for the Xero reference to match Xero’s allowed length

Improved the matching algorithm when an SMS is received from a known contact but the phone number doesn’t match exactly

All users can now run the Supervisor’s Graphic Timeline report if they have the sufficient permissions regardless of their System Role

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where changing user emails caused issues viewing reports

Fixed an issue that prevented some users from editing Contacts

Fixed various broken links to invoices in Xero

Fixed issue where WIP Included transactions posted after End of Month Date

Fixed issue where some users were unable to run the Supervisor’s Weekly Progress report

Fixed an issue where some users were unable to view data in the Meetings in Pipeline report

Fixed an issue where contacts were not displaying in the dropdown when creating new leads

Fixed an issue where color selection details were not appearing in the job estimate due to broken cost center linkages

Fixed an issue where an office user was able to see the master view of the Financial YTD Averages report

Fixed an issue that caused an error when cloning color selection headings by increasing the size of requests to 10Mb

Fixed an issue with incorrect whitespace being added to the primary and other emails for a contact when sending an email resulting in an invalid format error

Fixed an issue that prevented some offices from bulk deleting house plans

Fixed an issue preventing specification templates to be replaced for DPP jobs

Fixed an issue preventing some offices from being synced with the Marketing Hub

Fixed an issue that prevented some Credit Note Bills in Xero from being synchronized

Fixed an issue caused during the office cloning process

Technical Improvements
Migrated Contacts-Leads to microservice

Upgraded Angular version

2022 Updates

December 2022
Fixed an issue where users were unable to replace specifications in DPP jobs

Reintroduced feature to close WIP for year with zero value

Added validation to exclude Credit Notes and Bills synced from Xero to prevent the NullPointerException error

Improved algorithm that matches received SMS messages

Fixed an issue where Keycloak users who existed as Customer Portal users before G.J. Software users were assigned incorrect reporting roles

Removed validation where only users with Franchisee System Role were able to select all supervisors in the Supervisors Graphic Timeline report

Restored missing Drive files that caused the “Task failed: The resource body includes fields which are not directly writable” error

Removed Views from GTO that failed to be deleted

Applied fixes to outstanding draws made prior to migration to G.J. Software
November 2022
Job Administration

Added support for Job Specifications and Color Selections for DPP jobs.

Added support for producing Letters/Docs for DPP and Finalized jobs.

Added support for sending email/SMS communications and Meetings to DPP and Finalized jobs.

Added support editing the Memo field for Finalized and Not Proceeding jobs.


Leads are now highlighted in red in the leads list if the sales folder failed to be created.

Added lead filters to the clone quote window so quotes from completed sales can be cloned.


Manually created and linked job and contact folders permanently deleted by Franchise Owners.

Removed the Mailchimp integration.

Added support for assigning multiple states to Master Zones for better lead assignment in
Marketing Hub.

Added more information to Bulk Update Task Log for when orders are completed with errors


Fixed: Leads that failed to have a Sales Folder created are now highlighted in red in the leads list.

Fixed: Information in the Agreements tab being overwritten when cloning offices

Fixed: Duplicate invoices displayed on Overbudget Invoices Report

Fixed: PayPal transactions were not syncing and blocking offices

Fixed: Broken link for invoice in Job Financials

Fixed: Client initials placeholder missing from Color Selections sent for e-doc signing

Fixed: Issue where the user is taken back to the Job Specifications list after processing a specification

Fixed: Issue where the Leads list did not load after the first click from the menu

Fixed: Issue where leads with 0 Meetings did not appear in the leads list

Fixed: Issue causing the Excl GST to equal the Incl GST column in claim payment schedules
October 2022
Now only active leads are displayed by default in the leads list and Leads Board

New selection fields were added to filter leads by Salesperson, Stage, Priority, and Referred By on both the leads list and Leads Board. 

New toggles to display Completed and Inactive leads, and leads with an Overdue Followup Activity. 

New columns on the leads list include Email, Phone, Created Date, Salesperson, Status, Stage, and Priority. Address and Community are now hidden by default.

Search for leads by Email, Other Email, Phone 1, and Phone 2.

New quick-action icons are visible when hovering over records on the leads list to add an SMS, Email, or Meeting.

Leads Board added to Sales in the left-hand side menu. 

New button to create leads was added to the Leads Board.

New search bar in Leads Board.

Add phone number to lead card on Leads Board.

Now you can collapse the Leads Board rows for easier navigation. 

Now when you change the status of a Sales Folder to Will Not Complete you are asked to nominate a reason why the opportunity was lost.

Read more about the new CRM features on our blog

New status filters and columns added to Client Merge & Export and Meetings in Pipeline reports to include inactive leads. Previously only active leads were counted.

Inactive leads are now counted in total leads in the Sales Management Report. Previously only active leads were counted. 

Remove the option for WIP to close the year with zero.

AU/NZ Remove the ability to select GST on variations and value defaults to the system setting for GST.

State field is required for Master Zones for sending the parent office through to the Marketing Hub. 

Import historic Sales and Slab Dates as Reported Sale and Reported Slab Dates.

Bugs Squashed
Fix issue where the Slab date was correctly set on the Intranet but the Reported Slab Date was not. 

Fix issue where data in the Agreements tab was overwritten when cloning an office. 

Fix issue with the State field not saving for Master Zones. 

Fix issue with GST defaulting to 0% BAS Excluded in Xero.

Fix issue with the link to Contact Record from the SMS screen not linking correctly. 

Fix issue with Master Zone not sending through a value for the Parent Office to Marketing Hub. 

Nerd Stuff
Set up site-to-site VPN. 

Regression testing.
September 2022
Added more detail to the error message displayed when WIP Journals fail to be posted to Xero. 

Removed the Payment Tab for Creditor/Supplier contacts. 

Removed the ‘Close Year with Zero’ button from WIP Profit Adjustment. 

AU/NZ ABN moved to the General tab for Creditors/Suppliers.

AU/NZ The ABN field now syncs with Xero.

AU/NZ Changed the amount GST can be rounded on claims from 0.01 to 0.10. 

AU/NZ Removed the ability to change GST rates on claims, variations, and General Ledger system variables.  

Now when importing new item descriptions, UoMs,  and memos you’ll see fields to compare the old and new values.

Updated the format of the new lead email to make it easier to read.

Made Site Details fields more consistent across all regions.

Supervisors Schedule Report is now grouped by Start Date and not Cost Center.

Removed system requirement where only Franchisees could run the Supervisors Weekly Progress report for all Supervisors. 

Financial YTD Averages Report:
New Office Role permission to make this report available for Franchisees to run.

Added more detail to the report title to make it clear which office and state the report is for.

Added Overhead % of Sales, Wages % of Sales, Advertising % of Sales, Sales Turnover, Slabs Turnover, WIP Run, and WIP rows to the current month table. 

Removed Debtors Total from the source table and added to the current month table. 

Changed Gross Profit and Net Profit calculations to include WIP. 

Changed the label from ‘Gross Profit’ to ‘Gross Profit YTD’ in the main YTD table.

Changed label from Net Profit’ to Net Profit YTD’ in the main YTD table.

Added Gross Profit and Net Profit to Current Month table.

Gross Profit and Net Profit YTD figures are now used in Profit Sales % calculations.

Changed the Break Even calculation to be based on the financial year and not the current month.

Changed the Total Overhead Expenses calculation to display values for the current month not the year. 

Added new financial indexes for Overhead % of Sales, Wages % of Sales, Advertising % of Sales to Financial YTD Averages Report settings at the Corporate and Master level Report Settings.

Contracts Manager:
Added a new Billing Worksheet to the Corporate and Master level for tracking payments for CFF.

Added Franchise Fee Exclusions requiring an Authorization Number to Estimating Setup.

US Remove Corporate Billing labels from Billing Tab at Corporate level.

You can now use hyphens “-” in contact emails.

Finalized Dates have been set for all jobs that were finalized, but no date was selected. 

Cloned databases for US office templates.

Bugs Squashed:
Fixed issue where House & Land Package brochures were not displaying half-bed/bath sizes.

Fixed issue where House & Land Package quotation total was using the Price Book default markup instead of the Quick Quote markup. 

Fixed an issue where some users weren’t able to run reports. 

Fixed an issue where staff from some offices were not displayed on the website.

Updated the error message displayed when importing prices. 

Fixed issue caused where item import failed because of deleted items.

Fixed the overbudget invoices report so it uses the same calculation as Job Financials. 

US Fixed issue for APN field in Job Details was requiring a Google Maps URL.

Nerd Stuff:
Upgrade Angular version.

Move Lambda sources to their own repo.

Move maintenance from polling to web sockets. 

Created a new job for deploying Jasper.

Change API endpoint for Marketing Hub. 
August 2022
House & Land: 
Add ability to clone House & Land Packages.

Add ability to clone quote changes in House & Land Packages.

Add the ability to create a quote from House & Land Packages.

Remove Internal Images from House & Land Packages Design tab.

Delete House & Land Package also unpublished from the website.

Add the ability to Delete and Unpublish House & Land Packages from Corporate and Master views. 

Add character limit on City field in House & Land Packages to be 30 characters.

Add validation for Google Maps URL field. 

Fix for the broken link to HLP listings on the website.

Fix for removing the Alternate Salesperson from HLP.

Fix for some users not being able to see designs in House & Land Packages.

Prevent changes to House & Land Package listing from being made while sync to Marketing Hub is in progress.

US Change label for “Subdivision” to “City” and replace all field values with data from “City”.

Web Leads:
Set contact type to Individual if the web lead name contains more than one word.

Copy web lead name to contact Addressee field.

Add request types and contact referral sources for REA Leads, Domain Leads, Facebook, and Display Home Visitor and corresponding web lead validations. 

Add more validations on phone numbers for web lead duplicate detection.

Fix for web lead notifications being sent to incorrect New Home Consultant.

Fix for Customer Type not being set for some web leads.

Fix for salesperson email address appearing in email notifications for web leads.

Update Item Descriptions, UoM, and Memos on item import in Setup > Estimating > Import (BE only).

Export item memos when exporting pricing from Setup > Estimating > Export.

Admin & Accounts:
AU/NZ ABN for Creditor/Supplier contacts now syncs with Xero.

AU/NZ ABN Details block moved from Subcontractor subtab to Creditor/Supplier tab.
Payment subtab removed for Creditor/Supplier contacts.

Contracts Manager:
Add Reported Sales and Slab Dates and period locking rules from Intranet.

Add recalculate button to Contracts Manager and Jobs list to recalculate all field values.

Add Billing Tab to jobs for Corporate and Master users.

Add Variation Fee fields to Billing Tab and the Master and Office system variables.

Add filters and table presets for Corporate Due, Corporate Paid, Master Due, Master Paid, Office Due, and Office Paid to the Contracts Manager.

Add Reported Sale and Slab to Dates filter on Contracts Manager.

Add a new event to Email Recipients that Contract Price was changed.

Financial YTD Averages Report:
Add Sales to the Current Month section and remove it from the Source Table.

Add Sales YTD row to Financials YTD section in Summary and Office view.

Include Sales YTD in calculations for GP % Sales, Overheads % Sales, Advertising % Sales, Wages % Sales, and NP % Sales. 

Add new financial indexes for Sales and Sales YTD in the Financial YTD Averages report settings to Corporate and Master views.

Remove ability to use commas in documents sent for E-Doc signing.

Change calculation on Franchisee Dashboard for Overdue Maintenance Tasks to “Today – To Completed Date”.

Deprecated Features:
Remove all Web Price Book functionality including system variables and syncs.

Remove requirement to map Xero Chart of Accounts for migrated offices. 

Remove caching from Jobs List and Contracts Manager.

Remove migration endpoint for Plan Bank from API gateway. 

Bugs Squashed:
Fix for Job Orders not generating and saving to Google Drive.

Fix for not being able to create/edit contacts.

Fix for creating job specifications from the Jobs List icon not saving changes. 

AU Remove some pre-migration Credit Note transactions not linked to Xero invoices. 

AU Restore deleted Job Docs folders for an office.

AU Remove incorrect WIP journal entries for office.

AU Fix duplicate Marketing Id preventing an office and staff from publishing to Marketing Hub.

US Clone office database.

Nerd Stuff:
Split BE into Java library.

Address Spring Boot application memory leaks. 

Move selectors for Job Lists and all calls to JAS microservice. 

Add the possibility to install npm dependencies in production mode.

Move AWS Lambda’s sources to a separate repository.

Remove Xero tracking category caching from BE. 
July 2022
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
June 2022
House & Land:
Add House & Land to the Sales tab and corresponding Office Role permissions.

Add the ability to publish and unpublish House & Land on the website.

House & Land listings update pricing on the website when the price book is repriced.

Assign web leads to salesperson assigned to House & Land listings. 

Add a new Email Recipient event that a House & Land listing is published.

EoM Reports:
Add requirement to run Work in Progress (WIP) to produce EoM reports. 

Add Sales Management and Builder’s Insurance to EoM report.

Replace Mailchimp with Plan Bank in Go To menu.

Add #ShowClient3 placeholder to JBSpfJob system letter template. 

Change label for Office Role permission to export the jobs list from “Execute” to “Export”. 

Set character count limit of 250 in sales and change order quotation changes.*
*Note: The character limit was removed in an emergency hotfix.

Deprecated Features:
Remove approval process from House & Land.

Remove schedule task for sync Plan Bank with the Intranet.

Bugs Squashed:
Fix for Total column not displaying on Contracts Manager.

Fix for Order status not updating for successfully produced orders.

Fix incorrect sort order of the Base Design table.

Fix for Contracts Manager update not sending jobs to the Intranet.

Fix for Value not displaying for Incident section on EoM report screen.

Fix for Master Zone name missing in Support emails. 

Fix for Customer Portal E-Doc Signing Status not updating.
Nerd Stuff:
Update BE code style.

Add the possibility to install npm dependencies in production mode.
May 2022
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
April 2022
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
March 2022
EoM Reports:
Changed the default value for the Recipients field from “Emailed to Corporate” to “Print PDF”.

Added “Emailed to Master” as an option in the Recipients field.

Reports are only sent to Corporate and Master users who have been added to Email Recipients.

Changed the label and error message for the “Checked Last Month’s Overheads” checkbox to “Reconciled Banks Accounts in Xero”.

Added new checkbox requirement “Entered Last Month’s Job Expenses”.

Added new checkbox requirement “Locked dates for the month in Xero”.

Changed the label and error message for the “Done my Finalized Jobs” checkbox to “Confirmed Finalized Jobs”.

Added a field to the right of the “Confirmed Finalized Jobs” label showing the number of finalized jobs during the reporting period for quick reference.

Added new checkbox requirement “Entered all Contract Dates” and a field displaying the number of jobs with contracts added during the reporting period for quick reference.

Added two fields below the “Checked the Sales Management Report” checkbox showing the number of leads entered and sales recorded during the reporting period for quick reference.

Added a help icon next to the “Counted Traffic” checkbox to clarify how to use the field.

Added a new “Workplace Safety” section to the Franchise Monthly and EoM Reports page. This information is now included on the Franchise Monthly report.

Added “Monthly Slabs” report to be included in EoM reporting.

Changed the checkbox label for the “Sales Profit Forecast (YTD)” to “Contracts Profit Forecast (YTD)”.

Franchise Monthly Report:
Added a new “Workplace Safety” section to the Franchise Monthly and EoM Reports page. This information is now included on the Franchise Monthly report.

Added “Jobs on site” section to Franchise Monthly report, which displays the total count of all jobs with a Council/Permit Approved Date that do not have a Handover Date.

Users can now change the font in email templates back to the System Font.

Now when you change the client for a job, the communications for the new client will be displayed in the job communications.

Integrated the Marketing Hub Plan Bank and replaced the Base Design functionality and list to support House & Land Package creation in a future release.

Users logged into multiple Google accounts are now required to select which account they would like to access when uploading files to GJ Software from Google Drive.

Fixed an issue with the table filter not resetting on the jobs list.

When you change the reporting period in EoM Reports the checkboxes for manager confirmation are unticked and must be manually selected again.

Nerd stuff:
Implemented a new caching procedure to make
February 2022
Added new field columns from the Intranet to the tables settings in the Jobs List (office view) and Contracts Manager (Corporate/Master view).

Added all relevant field columns from the Intranet to the tables settings in the Job Orders, Estimates, Financials, and Draws lists.

Updated table settings to group field options by Basic, Dates, Prices, and Details.

Added defined table settings presets to the Jobs List (office view) and Contracts Manager (Corporate/Master view).

Added date search filters to the Jobs List (office view) and Contracts Manager (Corporate/Master view).

Added button to export the Jobs List (office view) and Contracts Manager (Corporate/Master view) to Google Sheets

Added $ABN Placeholder to all Letter, Email & SMS templates.

Enabled Contractors License field for AU and NZ and corresponding milestone events.

Added the ability to send SMS/Email to contact regardless of the user’s system role.

Job communications now update when the client is changed for a job to show communications for only the new client.

Orders with $0.00 are now excluded from the totals in the No. Unsent Orders column on the Job Orders screen.

Added Customer Price column in Quote Changes.

Job numbers are now sorted numerically throughout all screens and reports dropdowns.

Google Drive files now automatically transfer to the Franchise when a user is deleted.

Added a process to handle to deletion of Offices and Sub-Offices including all system-generated Google Groups and Drive folders. A new email notification under Setup has been set up to notify users upon completion.

Change Draws Received calculation on Job Profit to Date report to match the Job Profit report.

Bugs squashed:
Fixed an issue where users were unable to open communication details.

Fixed an issue when trying to access Orders from the file menu in Job Specifications.

Fixed the 404 Error seen when opening Draw Details History.

Fixed an issue where the Create Color Selection button wasn’t importing data into the Job Colour Selection from the template.

Fixed an issue with draw document production removing the draw amount once documents are produced.

Fixed some issues with cyclic dependencies in schedules.

Fixed an issue with previously checked quote change items not properly importing into the RFQ Document Structure when cloning quotes.

Fixed some issues with the Back to button on various screens.

Nerd stuff:
Removed the Customer and Supplier portals from the backend repo.

Return non-error widget response on BP when widget service not responding
January 2022
This month was a technical release focused on addressing several bugs while we get some other team members up to speed on their roles.

Bugs squashed:
Fixed an issue where creating new Color Selections wasn’t importing data from the template properly.

Fixed an issue that prevented users from replacing Colour Selections or Job Specifications.

Fixed an issue caused by Google Calendar that prevented some Construction Schedules from being edited.

Fixed a bug in the Progress Draw Statements where the Paid by amount didn’t match Xero.

Fixed an issue when producing Draw documents that allowed users to make duplicate Draws for the same draw stage.

2021 Updates

December 2021
Consolidated the Draw details and the Make a Draw screen into a single window.

Updated the calculation for Draws Received Received on the Job Profit to Date Report to match the Job Profit Report.

US Now you can change to a Lenders Schedule draw rule as long as all draw invoices have been voided. Previously you could not change to a Lender’s Schedule if any invoices had been generated, regardless of their status.

Added a new sidebar menu and list view for Color Selections.

Added functionality to the Customer and Supplier portals to invite multiple people, resend invitations, and remove access to the portal.

Cost Centers with $0 are no longer counted as Unsent Orders on the Job Orders screen.

Added Email Notifications Recipients functionality for offices and new emails for Career Inquiries, Website Inquiries, Tax Invoices, and Office Public Listed notifications.

Added an Agreement Tab for Franchise and Master Franchise system variables to track key dates and information about each franchise.

Added a new menu option to support Sub Offices (formerly sales offices on the Intranet) and the ability for Master users to associate a sub-office with a parent office.

The Contracts Manager menu option has been added to the Corporate and Master view.

Added more validations for date fields. Now when a user enters MM/DD/YY it will automatically convert to MM/DD/YYYY.

Bugs squashed:
Fixed an issue where some reports and dashboards were displaying the incorrect salesperson.

Nerd stuff:
Migrated dashboard widgets to their own Widget microservice in AWS.

Removed the Customer Portal and Supplier Portal from the backend repo.
November 2021
Job Admin
Added new list views for Job Estimates, Orders, Change Orders, Financials, Draws, and Specifications and columns to provide more supporting information.

Added new sidebar menu options for Job Estimates and Specifications.

Added a new toggle to show or hide Not Proceeding jobs from the jobs list.

Added a Leads column to the Leads Board and a new Sales Folder status for leads.

You are now prompted to select a reassign all leads to when making a user who is a salesperson inactive.

All Active Sales Folders assigned to an Inactive salesperson have been reassigned to the First Franchisee.

Removed the Environment field when reporting bugs and replaced it with the office display name.

Add new Office Role Permissions to support the list views for the new Job Admin and Estimating screens.

Added descriptions under the various role fields in user management to make them more clear.

Make a Draw under the Accounting tab in the sidebar menu has been renamed to Draws.

Added Draftsperson to Marketing Position field that displays on the website in User Management.

Bugs squashed:
Fixed an issue with transferring users between offices.

Nerd stuff:
Consolidated dictionaries to a single source and removed duplicates.

Updated Amazon SES credentials in all regions.
October 2021
Website integration:1
Career Inquiries page added to the Manager tab along with corresponding office role permissions.

A new field for Total Credit Notes has been added to the Make a Draw screen.

Changes to the calculation for Total Balance = Total Drawn – Total Paid – Total Credit Notes.

Disable the annoying unsaved work confirmation when no changes made to bulk update.

Implemented Intercom to facilitate user onboarding and new feature training.

Paragraph 1 and Paragraph 2 fields in System Variables > Sales now display a character count and accept a maximum of 8,192 characters including spaces.

Disabled the email notification “You have no ToDos today”.

Contact Type is automatically changed to Individual if they are an Employee to avoid users’ names prefixed with (business) John Doe.

Job numbers are now sorted alphanumerically to avoid situations where jobs were displayed as us1-1, us1-11, us1-2, etc.

Options in the dropdown selectors for Contact Referral Sources and Lead Type are now sorted alphabetically.

Now you can see which email was invited to the Customer or Supplier Portals.

Bugs squashed:
AU Fixed an issue with Tax Invoices sent from the system for access to G.J. Software was showing the incorrect month.

Fixed an issue where resources were being removed from cost centers on schedule templates.

Fixed a minor bug in GTO System Variables that caused the color to overlap the dropdown.

Removed sync for Master and Corporate staff to websites.

Fixed a bug preventing an office from approving change orders.

Fixed a sorting issue in RFQ Management so that quotes are sorted by date last modified by default.

Fixed an issue with Phone1 formats being incorrect when sending SMS.

Fixed an issue where Corporate and Master users were unable to edit Franchisee System variables when Switched To an office.

Fixed an issue where List on Website wasn’t visible for some staff.

Nerd stuff:
Code for Nexmo integration has been completely removed.

Transferred the Customer and Supplier Portals to Spring Boot.

1 These updates do not apply to New Zealand because gjgardner.co.nz is built on a different website platform.
September 2021
Website integration:1
Implemented backend infrastructure to create web leads in CRM.

New website leads will automatically be created in G.J. Software.

Referral Sources are set from the website form.

Web lead information from the form completion is displayed in the Communications Log.

Changed values for the Type of Customer field in the Sales Folder to match the website.

Added Round Robin functionality to assign new website leads to your sales team.

Duplicate contact handling:1
Leads for existing contacts assigned to an inactive salesperson will be reassigned.

Inactivated customer contacts will be activated again and assigned to a salesperson.

Existing contacts without Customer Contact type will be made active customers.

A new sales folder will be created if no active sales folder exists for a duplicate contact.

SMS notifications:
Users now receive a notification when a reply to an SMS sent from the system is received. 2

Users will be unable to send an SMS to recipients who subscribed from receiving SMS notifications.

Job administration:
Now you can click on the customer name in the header of Job Details to go to the contact. We also made it easier to access contact information from other job admin modules.

Now you can delete unused draw rule stages. Stages will not be permanently deleted if they have been used, but will rather be Flagged as Deleted and hidden from the draw rule. 

More information including the job number and site details is now displayed in Google Calendar events and To Do messages schedule tasks.

eversign: Changed the email reminder schedule.

Adjusted Gross Profit calculations to make the Job Bill of Materials – Summary and Job Bill of Materials – Presentation reports more consistent. 

Changed some wording in Xero Issues Log for overnight syncs to reduce confusion around “Initial Synchronization”.

Bugs squashed:
Fixed an issue where the Referral Source from the contact details wasn’t showing in the Sales Folder.

Fixed a misspelled label for “Authority to Commence” in E-Doc Signing.

AU Fixed an issue with Tax Invoices sent from the system for access to G.J. Software was showing the incorrect month.

NZ Removed the country code validation for Twilio Integration accounts that prevented SMS from being sent to Australian phone numbers.

US Fixed an issue with formatting for US Twilio phone numbers.

AU/US Fixed a back-end issue that was causing issues with Staff details being sent to the website.

Nerd stuff:
Setup scheduled connection cleanup for WildFly pods.

Setup Web Application Firewall (WAF) for CloudFront.

Fixed Google Analytics for Customer & Supplier Portals 

Created new referred_description  data source for Jasper Commercial.

1 These updates do not apply to New Zealand because gjgardner.co.nz is built on a different website platform.

2 New Zealand cannot receive SMS replies due to telecom regulations. However, users can still send and automate SMS messages to be sent from system for account notifications and customer service touchpoints.
August 2021
All offices in all regions have been configured to send SMS messages from the system via a managed Twilio account. All Nexmo integrations have been removed from the back-end.

AU/US users will now be able to view responses to SMS messages sent from the system.

Added a new SMS messages page to the top navigational menu.

SMS messages sent to a contact from the system will now appear in all communication logs including the Contact record, Job, and Sales Folder.

The Rounding boxes that were previously available in System Variables have been removed. Instead, a new Round Totals checkbox has been added to Quotations and Change Orders giving individuals the ability to decide whether to round a quote or not.

Users can now add a profile image which will be displayed on the website.

Added new field Public Listed for offices to Franchisee System Variables.

Disabled the ability for office users to modify Franchisee System Variable fields.

Added a new field List on Website to Setup > Manager > User details.

Added new field Position for users, which is used to show the position used on the website.

Now you can view the Graphic Take Off (GTO) for a Printed Quick Quote.

End of Month (EoM) reports are now automatically sent on the 14th of each month instead of the 7th. The record dates for Sales and Slab dates have not been changed.

A new background image has been added to the Log In screen.

Technical stuff:
Created API endpoints to sync Office and Staff details from G.J. Software to the website. All details are currently being synced to the middleware, but the connection point to the website has not been enabled yet.

Bug squashed:
The Financial YTD Averages Report now recognizes Sales correctly.

Fixed an issue in the Executive Summary that gets generated with EoM reports where some column headers were missing.

Fixed an issue where documents sent for electronic signature were displaying a status of New instead of Sent for Signing.

Fixed an issue that was preventing table columns from being sorted in Quotations.

NZ Fixed an issue that caused an error when changing the Sales Folder Stage to ATP Signed.

US Fixed an issue where Corporate users were unable to be created.
July 2021
Added RFQ Management under Sales to provide quick access to all open quotes. Here you can search for all quotes as well as create and clone new quotes.

Added a new column to RFQ Items & Components when adding quote changes called “Component Qty” to display the total quantity of that item used in components in the base house estimate.

Take Off Parameter Reports are now automatically generated for all printed quotes.

Added a new column in the Claims/Draws tab in Job Details and Job Financials to show the Status of each invoice as it stands in Xero. We also added a switcher to Show all invoices with all statuses in the History table.

Special characters are now automatically stripped from the phone number field when sending SMS messages. Now you can use special characters in contact phone numbers such as a period or dash to make them easier to read.

Now when changes are made to Critical Paths or Nominated tasks that affect Contract Start and Slab parameters, those updates will automatically be propagated to existing construction schedule templates.

Added new contact referral sources for Customer Referral and House & Land Packages.

Not Proceeding jobs are now excluded from average build time calculations on dashboard widgets.

Quotation rounding updates:
The following updates apply when quotation rounding has been enabled in System Variables.

Items and components in quotes are also rounded to the nearest dollar in addition to the quotation total.

Items are rounded to the nearest dollar on printed quotes where Show Pricing is selected in the RFQ Document Structure.

AU/NZ Added new columns to quotations to show the Debit (Ex GST) $, Credit (ex GST) $, and Customer Price (Incl GST)$.

Rounded quotation totals no longer include decimal points. For example, if the price is $299,99.99 without rounding, the price with rounding would be $300,000.

Technical stuff:
Transferred the Supplier portal to Spring Boot.

Replaced Nexmo with Twilio and added back-end infrastructure to support bi-directional SMS messages.

Bug squashed:
Changed the calculations in Make a Claim/Draw and Payment schedules to use the same formula, which was resulting in a difference of $0.01 in some cases due to GST.

Fixed an issue that made some sales folders unable to be edited when the Google Calendar event for follow-up dates was deleted.

Fixed an issue that caused cyclic dependencies in schedules that prevented users from editing schedule tasks.
June 2021
RFQ Management updates:
We added a search bar to Quote Changes in sales quotes and variations to make it easier to narrow down results.

Items hidden from the quote will now appear in grey in Quote Changes and on the quote if it is printed for Estimator Approval.

Emails sent from Sales Folders will now be sent from the current user, not the salesperson to who the lead is assigned.

Now you can add Google Drive attachments from any file location when sending emails from the system. This is helpful if you’re trying to send a copy of your standard inclusions from your office folder without having to copy it to the sales or job docs folder first.

We removed the role permissions requiring access to view email and SMS templates before you could select them from a list when sending a message to clients. Now anyone sending an email or SMS messaged can select an existing template.

Graphic Take Off (GTO) updates:
Cloning quotes now clones GTO images and measurements. This functionality has also been implemented for DPP and Quick Jobs as well as when you redo a job estimate.

We fixed an issue where you were still able to modify GTO values after a quote was printed.

We fixed an issue in GTO where the value of deleted take-off parameters was defaulting to 1.

Other updates:
We added the same search and filter function that we introduced last month for the Application Event Log (AEL) to the Xero Issues Log, Bulk Update Tasks Log, and Scheduled Tasks Log.

Now when you change the client for a job it will update the name of the job docs folder in Google Drive.

We made a couple of changes to the $PaymentSchedule placeholder used in contracts to clients to include the total contract amount and made it more obvious that the initial deposit or preliminary works fee is being deducted from the first deposit.

We’ve expanded the types of fields synced with TalentLMS to allow us to produce reports more easily.

Lots of testing and reconfiguration as we prepare to upgrade to Google Workspace Enterprise Standard.

US fixed an issue where the $ContractAmount and the $ContractAmountInWords placeholders were mismatched due to adjusted taxes.

AU updated the Base Design list used when selecting a design when Completing a Sale.
May 2021
RFQ Management updates:
Added a Quote Number column to the Quotations table so you can quickly differentiate between printed quotes.

Added the ability to sort Quote Changes table columns in sales quotes as well as change orders/variations.

Now when adding Quote Changes in sales quotes and change orders/variations, the RFQ items and components window will default to search the full list instead of displaying cost centers.

Profit is now hidden by default on quotes for franchisees. Now you need to click the Show Profit icon to display it.

Fixed an issue to round items where prices are shown on quotes via the RFQ Document Structure to round to the nearest dollar if the setting is enabled in System Variables. Clients will see the rounded value on printed quotes.

Sales Folder updates:
Updated and simplified the sales folder Referred By statuses (US region only).

Fixed a bug that prevented users from changing the follow up date on some sales folders.

Email and SMS updates:
Now you can select a template for email and SMS messages before sending to a contact.

Added Cc/Bcc fields to when sending email from the communication window.

Added help text explaining how to send an email to multiple recipients.

Removed the indention for emails sent from the system for a more consistent email experience.

Changed the character limit for SMS messages to 1,600 characters.

Fixed an issue that caused the screen to freeze if more than 200 characters are added to the email recipients field.

Fixed an issue with the Google Picker for a more consistent experience when attaching files to emails from the communications window.

Other updates:
Added search and date filters to the Application Event Log (AEL).

Changed the color of the Close Year with Zero button in WIP to gray to make it less prominent and require a Master Authorization Number before it can be used.

Adjusted the calculations to determine the Contract Completion Date for jobs. If All Days are used in System Variables, the Contract Start Date will default to the actual start date, not the next working day.

Added logic to display new rounded totals in change orders/variations for credit items when the Recalculate button is clicked.

Fixed an issue in our staging environments that prevented us from running WIP in testing.

Squashed a minor bug in scheduling that prevented some jobs from being updated.

Minor general fixes to the Front-End.
April 2021
Added pricebook updates to the Application Event Log.

Fixed formatting and cropping of user signatures.

Improved the drag and drop in change orders.

Inactive staff members are now hidden by default and a button has been added to show inactive users under Setup > Manager > Users. 

Added State field to Quick Jobs (US region only).

Set the maximum allowed character count in State fields to 6 characters. Users should use abbreviated state names.

Added a new ‘Expired’ status for documents sent for e-signature to the Sent Documents Log.

Added $CurrentTotalDrawsAmountInclGst and $OfficeGST (NZ only) placeholders to ARClmCertPC, ARClmCertCh, ARClmCertEs, and ARClmCertFn system letter templates. 

Removed overpayments from calculations in Less Draws Made and the Actual Profit Date in the Job Trading Accounts to match Job Financials.

Made Standard Print option to be the default printing method for all offices and added Save to Google Drive as an option for all Cloud Printers.

Added a System Variable for Allow users from other Offices to access to be able to be used in all offices.

Orders will no longer be emailed to suppliers when printing Change Order Confirmation Certificates if the order was never sent.

Fixed an issue where inactive Supervisors were being added to Jobs.

Take-Off Parameters added to estimates have a default value of “1” and not “0”.

Updated wording in a few places to make it more consistent throughout the system.

Updated to User Status has been Changed email notification to include more information about the user. 

Added a SystemName as a custom attribute to Google accounts to assist with 3rd-party account management.

Added various health checks to the Customer and Supplier Portals.

Tax Invoices will be sent to the officename_franchisees@gjgardner.com on the last day of each month (AU only).

PayPal changes:
Delayed the time in which offices blocked due to a failed PayPal payment to 5 days.

Added new PayPal webhooks to resolve issue where offices showed a failed payment, but still were able to access the system.

Financial YTD Averages report changes:
Removed the table on page 2 of the Financial YTD Averages report that was duplicated from page 4. 

Changed calculations for Debtors 31+ on the Financial YTD Averages report to show aged receivables as of the selected period.

Rounded all numbers on the Financial YTD Averages report and removed decimal values.

Technical changes:
Rebuild STG environment as Kubernetes cluster.

Containerized all applications via AWS EKS.

Migrated Kubernetes to production.

Removed multi-tenancy.

Dockerized Help portals.

Updated PostgreSQL databases from version 9.6 to 12.4.

Upgraded front-end version to Angular 9.

Updated MapStruct libraries.

Updated Google libraries.

Removed Sandbox replication job from Builder Portal and RDS dependencies from AWS library.

Updated Sandbox API paths on DNS.

Removed Xero OAuth 1.0 from code and user interface.

Removed unused Bulk Update Tasks.

Disabled reporting in Sandbox environments.

Deployed new build of the Scheduler to fix an issue causing some Bulk Update and Scheduled Tasks to fail.
March 2021
The March 2021 update was skipped in preparation for the major April 2021 technical release.
February 2021
Now you can reorder items and components in change orders by dragging them.

Now you can add a site address for DPP jobs.

Change orders can’t be reversed if they have already been drawn. Now you must first void the invoice in Xero before you can reverse it.

During month-end, WIP now reverses to Closing WIP each month. During year-end, WIP will continue to reverse to Opening WIP.

Improved the job order standard print functionality so that all purchase orders are presented in ascending order by cost center when being combined into a single PDF.

Fixed an issue that was preventing the Sales Date from saving.

Made improvements to the EoM report To Do Messages.

Improvements to ‘Process to save’ logic in Graphic Take-Off.

Improved scripts for automated testing of job calculations.

Implemented Sentry to collect analytics on usage and monitor errors.

Deployed all apps in Kubernetes container clusters to remove multi-tenancy and improve stability.

Made some database improvements to remove old fields needed only for legacy migration purposes.

NZ Changed wording from “City/County” to “Local Authority” in Office Roles & Permissions for Contacts.

Increased availability time for Jasper Commercial BI reporting tool to 06:00 to 17:00 AEST, Monday to Friday for Master Franchises.
January 2021
Added four new system variables to allow quote and change order totals to be rounded to the nearest dollar. 

Now you can remove and reassign resources assigned to schedule tasks.

A banner and notification will now be displayed to show a countdown 15 minutes before servers are scheduled to be taken offline for maintenance. 

Fixed an issue where sales made during the last week of December 2020 were recorded as 2021.

In the Corporate System and Letter Templates, we replaced Tabs with Spaces in the Signature section to prevent the No E-Doc Transmittal Logs Eversign error that occurred when sending a document for electronic signature.

Fixed an issue where contacts were unable to send to Xero because of an invalid email format.

Fixed the SocketTimeoutException error that occurred when printing orders for the estimator.

Fixed the PSQLException: ERROR: column p.credit_ivoice_id does not exist Hint: Perhaps you meant to reference the column “p.credit_invoice_id”. Position: 182 error that led to a partial Xero sync for some offices. 

Made some database improvements to remove old fields needed only for legacy migration purposes.

AU Changed the language in WIP from AASB111 to AASB 15.

2020 Updates

December 2020
Implemented TalentLMS integration via SSO and added Learning Management selection under the Go To menu icon.

Launched new and improved Knowledge Base at https://help.gjgardner.com.

Implemented a solution to replace Google Cloud Print.

You can now add dates for Quick Jobs.

Improved workflow for documents sent for electronic signature from Eversign. An individual signature will now be required for all locations where the signature placeholders exist.

Fixed an error that appeared when producing quotes.

House estimates now load 20x faster.

Quashed some minor Xero bugs.
November 2020
Changed the calculation or rounding of quantities in Quotes where an item added via a quote change has an Original Qty. Rounding rules will not round up if the item is being credited and the quantity is equal to the Original Qty. If there is no Original Qty, it will round up the new quantity will round up.

Changed the order color selection headers, subheader, and items on Job Orders to match how they appear on the Job Color Selection.

Fixed an issue with the Next Year Public Liability Insurance Expiry dates appearing in the To-Do list before they were supposed to.

Fixed an issue preventing vendor reports from sending for some jobs.

Fixed an issue that caused change orders to be printed for jobs from other offices.

Increased speed to recalculate house plans and display cost centers by 10x.

Fixed an issue that allowed jobs to be finalized with outstanding draw amounts.

Squashed a few minor bugs relating to Xero.
October 2020
You can now attach .DWG files to Job Orders.

Improved search functionality to recognize different types of apostrophes as one.

Fixed an issue with how to $ContractAmountInclGstInWords placeholder displayed cent values.

Fixed an error that was occurring when sending vendor reports.

Fixed a JDBC Connection error by closing unused idle connections.

Squashed a couple of minor Xero issues.
September 2020
Item Quantities are now being rounded for Purchase Orders using the Round Up Qty from UoM – was previously being rounded on each item line.

Cost Center Totals in job estimates are now bold when the extension total is different than the order total due to item rounding.

Contacts made Inactive will be unenrolled from Milestone Events.

Financial records on the Customer Portal now exclude Overpayments from the total paid.

Fixed an issue where To Do messages generated from Followup dates were showing the salesperson’s name and not the client addressee.

Fixed an issue that resulted in duplicate item memos on Job Orders.

Fixed an issue that resulted in invoice numbers changing in Xero.

Vendors with no nominated tasks in any job schedules will no longer receive a blank vendor report.

Fixed a bug that caused the “Cancel” and “Deliver” buttons to be cut off with 3 or more vendors were selected in the Vendor Report screen.

Added validation to the email address in contact details where if it does not meet Xero’s email requirements it will remain empty in Xero.

Added a “Sync with Xero” button to contact details which forces a contact to be synced regardless if they are made inactive or not to associate all invoices and payments.

Quantity values on the order detail screen of job estimates have been increased from 2 to 4 decimal places.

Fixed a bug that prevented users from being created when their contact name contained special characters.

Fixed an issue where the item memo in job change orders wasn’t visible until clicking “Process”.
August 2020
Master users will now receive bug reports if they are nominated as email recipients.

Order quantities that were being rounded at the item level, for component items, are now rounded by the Total quantity.

Fixed an issue preventing a sale date from being recorded even though a contract was signed.

Fixed an issue where some milestone events failed to send causing subsequent milestone events to fail.

Item and component descriptions will be updated when repricing.

Fixed a bug preventing cost centers from being added to the Office Region House Cost report.

Automation scripts were added to Lambda AWS servers to stop STG infrastructure when not in use and reduce PROD infrastructure costs.

Update transaction timeout on sch app.
July 202
Fixed the Mailchimp integration; users can schedule and send email campaigns again.

Added the ability to update recipients of unsent email campaigns prior to the scheduled send date.

Removed requirement that prevented emails from being sent from master zones if a contact existed as a duplicate in multiple offices.

Fixed a bug so that UoM will import with item pricing import.

Fixed a minor bug appearing when making draws.

Fixed an issue with adding attachments to final draws.

Fixed an issue where GTO plans were not being transferred from quotes to jobs.

Fixed an issue in the job estimate where fractional items were not being rounded until after a change order is confirmed.

Fixed the issue causing a NullPointerException error for Inactive users being deleted. 

Fixed an issue with some RTF files failing to convert to HTML.

Removed the code URL parameter after the first Xero sync that was causing errors.

Migrated Production servers to WildFly 14.
June 2020
Added weekly totals to the XML feed for lead updates sent to the Intranet.

Added an attribute in the DATAPACKET and ROWDATA elements to indicate if XML is coming from the GJ Software or the legacy Green House.

Added ability to use past dates in construction worksheets.

Fixed an issue with the scheduled task that sends leads and sales numbers to the Intranet.

Fixed an issue where Xero integration credentials were being removed.

Fixed an issue where the Sandbox was not being created for some offices post-migration.

Fixed an issue where salespeople were unable to see the Sales Estimate icon in quotes.

Fixed an issue where some users were unable to access parts of the system even though the office permissions were granted.

Fixed an issue where draws were requiring an authorization number.

Fixed an issue with the UI that prevented Units of Measure from being imported with item costs.

Made multiple back-end improvements including some system monitoring and alerting tools.
April 2020
Users can update draw amounts +/- 1 cent due to rounding issues.

Fixed Issue where Sales Estimates were not being updated with new costs in quote until quote was cloned.

Added support for new file types that may be attached to job orders.

Mapped the Designid XML field between GJ5 and the Intranet.

Redeveloped the Mailchimp integration from scratch because of significant changes made by Mailchimp.
Note: It is not currently possible to schedule and send email campaigns from GJ5. The back end stuff such as audience, contacts, campaigns based on segments are working correctly.

Fixed an issue preventing Corporate and Master users from being able to copy draft letter templates to live letter templates.

Miscellaneous improvements to the database, front and back end development.

Squashed a couple of minor bugs.
March 2020
Fixed an issue with memos in Cost Center 000 not saving.

Fixed an issue where suppliers were unable to accept, reject, or view orders without a delivery date in Supplier Portal.

Fixed an issue where some schedules imported for GreenHouse were causing a critical error when opening them.

Fixed an issue where custom Take Off Parameter values were being changed to “0” when the pricebook was repriced. 

Fixed an issue with the Base Design attribute not being sent to contracts on the Intranet.

Fixed an issue where duplicate To-Do list emails were being sent.